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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Chi Gong Tao~ Today We Begin

It seems to me that today is as good as any day, to begin.  Perhaps today is even the best day, to engage a sense of passion, and forward motion~ all feelings and energies which I associate with the love of change, the excitement of creation, and the joy of sharing.  I see the world around me fluctuating wildly, people riding high waves of emotion, new mental states which are somewhat unfamiliar.  Today is a good day to notice something important~ the awful feeling of stagnation is over.  It seems to be gone!  If we caused that change ourselves, and it is a positive change, well then~ I would call that Chi Gong.

In the language and energy of lives, stagnation is the worst thing I can think of.  We become stable sludge in our jobs, or in our private affections for others, or in our bodies.  How can that be good?  In nature, things which are meant to move and change, however slowly, begin to stink and rot if they do not follow that natural motion.  Why not so with ourselves?  I note that stability is not the same thing as stagnation, and we can be incredibly pumped up and excited while holding our position stably and responsibly.  Whether we are waiting for the chance to compete, or stepping onto the moving sidewalk at the airport, those are types of being still and quiet which are charged with power, and those states are certainly not stagnant.

Sometimes I feel that life has lost its power to amaze me in a positive way.  On those days I know that I am tired.  I view that attitude as a stable indicator of my own physical energy levels, which must be low.  I use that information to rest myself.  Anyone who has felt trapped and hopeless has probably noticed that anxiety states easily fill the empty spaces in such days.  Anxiety is not stagnation, but neither does it create solutions effectively.  Anxiety is not the best energy for forward motion. And worse, if we are so resigned to hopeless impossibility, failure, and futility that we are are not even upset, it really must be time for some Chi Gong.

The energy of amazement, of delight and curiosity, is one of the best energies for creation that I know about.  I look for the surprise in aspects of life with which I feel very familiar.  I really do like the warmth and power of stable things~ they hold my life, and I appreciate those things.  But everywhere, everywhere, the force of life is pumping, and I want to feel it.  In fact, I want to ride it, catch it, move with it into the next higher octave.  I feel deep appreciation and expansion.  When I step into that deliberately, waiting to see what I will experience, I am in Chi Gong.

To me, Chi Gong is the deliberate flow of energy along the paths which lead to positive experience.  I will speak more of my deep love of Chi Gong as the days roll forward.  I will also speak of Cha Chi, the energy of Tea.  With these ideas, with the possibility of new energies, I welcome you all to my blog.